ToBe2 Ltd. – Solving the Global Problem of Beehives Disappearance

The problem: Honeybees keep dying at alarming rates, at a scale of potential global crisis, with no real solution. The main reason is a parasitic mite called Varroa, which feeds on the bees and transmits viruses & diseases within the hive.


The Solution: An automated device to treat Varroa infestation, governed by remote hive management & sensing platform that reduces Varroa infestation by 98% using 10X less compounds within 4X shorter treatment time with no chemical residues

Related benefits include:
* High ROI & payback < year, due to higher colony survival rate and increased honey yield
* Reduction in labor required to treat the hives
* Improved safety to beekeeper and elimination of hazardous environmental waste
* Delivery of a wide variety of different compounds both natural and synthetic
* Device is extendable to controlling other bee pests and diseases
* Device is extendable to multiple sensing and IoT applications

Sales in Israel planned to begin in Q1/2021