SoilFender Ltd. – Crop Protection Solution Highly Effective against Weeds, Fungi and Nematodes

The Need: Since the banning of Methyl Bromide in 2006, there is no real “one-size-fits-all” solution for soil disinfection before sowing or planting. Farmers use today several chemicals (each against specific pathogens or weeds) and methods, some with no sufficient efficacy.


The Solution: SoilFenderTM is a crop protection solution, based on a syntenic food-grade compound (discovered in a novel endophytic fungus), highly effective against numerous crop pathogens, including fungi, nematodes and weeds Depending on formulation, SoilFenderTM can be used as a soil disinfectant, nematicide, herbicide or fungicide (note: SoilFenderTM is phytotoxic when applied directly on the crop).