About Us

Copia is a privately owned fund that invests in outstanding agricultural and food technologies developed by the leading research institutes in Israel, which carry the promise of significant added value across the food supply chain and address substantial market potential. Copia leads the technologies transition from research to market readiness by hands-on management and cooperation with prominent industrial partners from the initial stages of development.



We invest in technologies that aim to make the global food supply chain safer, more efficient and
sustainable in the following areas of expertise:


Plant Protection


   Identification and control of pests and causal agents of plant diseases (insects, mites, fungi, bacteria, viruses, phytoplasmas, nematodes and noxious weeds).
   Solving current agricultural problems and developing future methods for increasing yield and quality of fresh agricultural produce with a priority for the use of environmentally-friendly techniques, while reducing chemical usage.


Plant Science


   Development and application of agro-techniques to improve crop yield and quality.


Postharvest and Food Sciences


   Research and development of solutions for food preservation and extension of shelf-life, while keeping the quality, safety and nutritional value of various types of fresh or dry agricultural produce. These include foods intended for human consumption, animal feed derived from plants and animals, as well as for ornamental use.


Animal Science


   Improving performance and production of fish, poultry, cattle and sheep using multidisciplinary approaches.
   Maintaining performance, production and welfare under abiotic and biotic stresses.
   Improving the quality of products while protecting environmental quality.




Copia contributes to healthier, safer, efficient and sustainable food supply, by bridging the gap between novel agricultural and food academic research and the human and industry needs


Investment Strategy


We invest in research projects that focus on making the food value chain safer, healthier, efficient, and sustainable. Our projects grow novel agricultural and food academic technologies into sustainable products and solutions.


We seek venture investments, which meet the following criteria:
    Address a well-defined unmet market need

    Have sufficiently large and growing markets

    Can be commercialized in a solid business model

    Have a strong IP position

   Are applicable and have passed the proof-of-concept phase

   Are led by a strong R&D team with a proven track record


Copia secures early access to a rich funnel of innovative research projects through its extensive network of universities and research institutes. By applying a meticulous screening process, Copia selects the projects with the highest return potential, while funding and transforming them into market-ready technologies and/or products in collaboration with strategic industrial partners, who take part in the R&D phase and may eventually commercialize the project outcome.


Copia’s revenue stream per investment is generated from:
    Sub-license fees
    Royalties from sales
    Exit – selling of IP commercialization rights

Copia unique strengths

Impressive Deal Flow

Copia has framework agreements and special relationships with research institutions, which allows early access to a wide range of promising technologies.

Focus on Industry Needs

Engagement of industrial partners from the early stages ensures that technologies’ development will focus on market needs and standards.

Reduce Execution Risk

Hands-on management & engagement of strategic industrial partners ensure effective and professional execution, along with highly efficient funds allocation between R&D, Business Development and Commercialization.

Management Expertise

Copia’s management has the relevant background, professional relationships and know-how to drive its portfolio investments into successful products.

Investments portfolio


Copia is a leading food & agro venture capital firm based in Israel. We believe that early stage investments in “game changing” academic technologies offer outstanding opportunities for superior fund returns.


Our experienced group of professionals lend significant scientific, entrepreneurial and business expertise to help grow our portfolio technologies and have the deep industry networks to provide a clear pathway to commercialization of products for our investors and researchers alike.


Our advisors include practitioners and thought leaders in the fields of agro and food technologies, and enable us to understand the challenges of commercialization of innovative technologies.


Ohad Zuckerman

Ohad Zuckerman, Managing Partner

Prior to joining Copia, Ohad was the CEO of Zeraim Gedera, a leading Israeli vegetable seed company. Ohad has spent almost twenty years in progressively senior positions worked at Zeraim. Since 2009, he actively dedicates his time to promoting the Biofuel industry in Israel, through UniVerve Ltd., a company he co-founded and manages. Ohad serves on the Board of Directors of several Israeli Agricultural and Hi-tech companies.

Eyal Cohen

Eyal Cohen, Managing Partner

Eyal has played an active role in bringing new technologies and innovations to fruition in his history of leading startups and founding new companies. Eyals talent for recognizing inherent opportunities and his agile project development skills bring to Copia the skills required to quench the passion for bringing scientific knowledge to a better developing economy.




Edly Dollar, Founding Partner

Edly Dollar has had long experience in finance, investments and their interface with academic activity. He is a seasoned private investor in early stage innovative companies. His unique perspective on tech transfer is also indebted to his acquaintance with the other center of gravity of the tech transfer realm, through his long service as a trustee of Yeda R&D. A strategic advisor to cultural and state related institutes, Edly has been serving since 2004 as Chairman of Yad Chaim Weizmann.

Jonathan Berger

Jonathan Berger, Founding Partner

Jonathan is the CEO of the Food Tech Incubator backed by The Strauss Group (a $2.5B food company). In the past he held various management position, both in the Food and in the HiTech Industries, the last one being GM of Itzhar Food (an edible oil company active locally and internationally). Highly experienced in building and funding early stage companies, Jonathan advised Greylock and Precede (VCs) and was the CEO of Elam LyTec.





Ziv Carthy

Ziv Carthy, Founding Partner

Ziv is a seasoned executive and entrepreneur with 20 years of successful track record in a variety of industries, multinational enterprises and small companies. Ziv worked at SAP as a Senior Vice President, responsible for building a developer-partner network. He also served as SVP & GM of Time To Know Inc. – an educational technology company that developed a digital learning platform.  Prior to that Ziv has held managerial and business development roles in medical, service, and energy domains.

Ramon Georgis

Ramon Georgis, Advisory Board

Ramon serves as Director – International Business with Brandt Consolidated, USA.
He holds MSc in Crop Protection (1976) & PhD Degree (1981) in Zoology / Entomology from the University of Reading, UK. Post –Doctorate position from the University of California – Berkeley (1981-1983). He served in various managerial positions in research, development, marketing and international business with companies such as Biosys, Thermo Trilogy (Now Certis USA), Valent Biosciences and Brandt. Ramon has global experience in business development & management, product development, and marketing / sales strategies of crop protection and production technologies. Major of his responsibilities have included: executing marketing and sales plans; developing marketing data; setting up profitability plans, developing application technologies and training programs; managing budget; managing cooperative agreements with corporate partners, negotiating business development and licensing agreements.