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About Us

COPIA Agro & Food Technologies (COPIA), established in 2014, is an Israeli impact fund that aims to contribute to the world’s sustainability by transforming proven Agricultural & Food disruptive technologies, originating from Israeli research institutions and universities, into robust solutions that carry the promise of adding significant value across the food supply chain and addressing substantial market potential. COPIA’s impact investments promote technologies that address global challenges such as Food Security, Climate Change, and the Negative Impact of Agriculture on the Environment.



COPIA secures early access to a rich funnel of innovative research projects through its extensive network with universities and research institutes. By applying a meticulous screening process, the fund selects research projects with the highest return potential, funds them and transforms them into market-ready products and processes in collaboration form early stage with strategic industrial partners from the relevant verticals and market segments. This process ensures efficient and cost-effective transformation of the technologies into viable products and processes.




COPIA will contribute to the world’s sustainability by bridging the gap between academia and industry and transforming proven Ag & Food scientific breakthroughs into robust solutions


Investment Strategy


COPIA invests in Agricultural and Food technological projects that meet the following criteria:

    Address a well-defined un-met market need

    Have sufficiently large and growing markets

    Can be commercialized in a solid business model within two to four years

    Have a strong IP position

    Are applicable and have passed the proof-of-concept phase

    Are led by a strong R&D team with a proven track record


The technologies are transformed into products and processes that can make the global food supply chain safer, more efficient and sustainable in the following areas of expertise:


Plant Science

  1. Identification and control of pests and agents of plant diseases (insects, mites, fungi, bacteria, viruses, phytoplasmas, nematodes and noxious weeds)
  2. Improvements in yield and quality of important agricultural crops with a priority for the use of environmental-friendly techniques that reduce chemical usage
  3. Resistance to a-biotic stresses that enables production in non-arable land with water and nitrogen deficiency and/or extreme climatic conditions

Food Science

  1. Decrease food spoilage and wastage and prolongation of food shelf-life
  2. Improving the quality and safety of food and beverages while enhancing production efficiencies, reducing energy consumption and minimizing preservatives usage

Animal Science

  1. Improving performance and production of fish, poultry, cattle and sheep via multidisciplinary approaches
  2. Maintaining performance, production and welfare of animals under a-biotic and biotic stresses

Impact Strategy

Copia invests in technologies that address key global challenges related to Agriculture and Food, aiming to reduce the environmental degradation caused by modern agriculture, to increase global food security and safety, and to promote climate change mitigation.



COPIA’s investments are evaluated and measured according to the following impact indicators:

   Yield improvement
   Reduction of waste in food and agriculture
   Reduction of the negative environmental impact of agriculture on soil, water and air, caused by chemical fertilizers and pesticides
   CO2 emission reduction
   Advanced human impact on agriculture and food (increase livelihood, employment, nutrition etc.)


Investments portfolio


Eyal Cohen

Eyal Cohen, Managing Partner

Eyal’s expertise and talent for recognizing and exploiting inherent business opportunities as well as his agile project development skills add value to COPIA’s capabilities to transform academic technologies into robust products and solutions. As a multidisciplinary manager with more than 20 years of hands-on experience, managing companies, leading local and global sales, business development, strategic planning, project management and marketing of products in industrial and technological markets, Eyal played an active role in bringing new technologies and innovations to fruition in startup and mature companies.

Ohad Zuckerman

Ohad Zuckerman, Managing Partner

Ohad brings strong leadership and strategic planning capabilities, coupled with vast knowledge in management and deal-making in the agriculture sector. Ohad managed Zeraim Gedera, a leading Israeli seed company, transformed it from a local family business to a multinational company and eventually sold it first to a private equity fund and then to Syngenta at a valuation of USD $95 million.




Yoel Mazur

Yoel Mazur, CFO

Yoel, who strengthens the team with vast finance experience in the technology sector, has been serving as CFO of VC funds and early stage technology companies in multiple sectors including Eurekify (acquired by CA), Solaredge (Nasdaq: SEDG) and Dynaseq (acquired by Checkpoint). Yoel is an expert in fund formation and administration, international financial management, corporate financing, and deal management from structuring through execution.

Edly Dollar

Edly Dollar, Founding Partner

Edly, a seasoned private investor in early stage innovative companies, has served as the Chairman of Yad Chaim Weizmann since 2004 and is a veteran trustee of Yeda, Weizmann Institute’s TTO. Experienced in finance & investments and their interface with academia, Edly has been (and remains) involved in several successful investments in the Agro/Food/Cleantech sphere.






Jonathan Berger

Jonathan Berger, Founding Partner

Jonathan is the CEO of the The Kitchen, Israel’s leading Food-Tech Incubator backed by The Strauss Group (a USD 2.5B food company) and the Chief Scientist of Israel’s Economic Ministry. In the past, he held various management positions, both in the food and in the hi-tech industries, such as GM of Itzhar Food (an edible oil company active in Israel and internationally). Highly experienced in building and funding early stage companies, Jonathan advised Greylock and Precede (VCs) and was the CEO of Elam LyTec.

Ziv Carthy

Ziv Carthy, Founding Partner

Ziv is a seasoned executive and entrepreneur with a successful 20-year track record in a variety of industries, multinational enterprises and small companies. Ziv Co-Founded and was the CEO of GuiMachine, (sold to SAP). Ziv then served as SAP Senior Vice President, responsible for building a developer-partner network. He has also served as SVP & GM of Time-To-Know Inc., an educational technology company that developed a digital learning platform. Ziv has held managerial and business development roles in companies in the medical, service, and energy arenas.




Ramon Georgis Ph.D

Ramon Georgis Ph.D, Scientific and Business Advisor

Ramon serves as Director – International Business with Brandt Consolidated, USA. He holds a PhD in Zoology/Entomology from the University of Reading, UK and held a Post Doctorate position from the University of California, Berkeley. He served in various managerial positions in research, development, marketing and international business with companies such as Biosys, Thermo Trilogy (Now Certis USA), Valent Biosciences and Brandt. Ramon has global experience in business development & management, product development, negotiating business development and licensing agreements, developing application technologies and training programs and marketing / sales strategies of crop protection and production technologies.

Prof. Jonathan Gressel

Prof. Jonathan Gressel, Scientific Advisor

Prof. Gressel, Professor Emeritus, Weizmann Institute of Science, has been awarded the Israel Prize for Agriculture and is considered as one of Israel’s most prolific scientists. He has chaired the Israel Plant Tissue Culture & Molecular Biology Association, the Israel Weed Science Society, and served as president of the International Weed Science Society. He is an editor or a member of the editorial boards of 11 scientific journals. Food security and the reliance of the world population on only four crops for 80% of their calories stimulated him to write a highly-acclaimed book on how under-domesticated and forgotten crops might be further domesticated into widespread cultivation by transgenically assisting them to breach the “Genetic Glass Ceiling” that holds them back.




Prof. Haim D. Rabinowitch

Prof. Haim D. Rabinowitch, Scientific Advisor

Prof. Rabinowitch, Professor Emeritus, The R H Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment, The R H Smith Institute of Plant Science and Genetics in Agriculture, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, has been awarded the Rothschild Prize for Agriculture and is considered one of Israel’s most innovative scientists. He led the development of many products commercialized by the agriculture industry. His scientific expertise includes plant physiology, crop improvement including yield, quality disease resistance and tolerance to biotic and a-biotic stress conditions, floral and fertility restoration in garlic, oxygen toxicity in plants, seed production, soil solarization and plant genetic resources. Haim served as head of his department, elected Chair of the Faculty Research Committee, elected Dean of his Faculty, and elected Rector of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He chaired the Scientific Board of the Israeli Gene Bank and represented Israel in numerous professional international committees. He published scientific books and over 140 papers in professional journals, and currently leads one of the largest research groups at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Haim serves on a number of public professional committees.

Prof. Avraham Albert Levi

Prof. Avraham Albert Levi, Scientific Advisor

Prof. Avraham A. Levy, Member of the Plant and Environmental Sciences department and dean of the Faculty of Biochemistry at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot. Prof. Levy is an expert in plant genetics, genomics and biotechnology. As such, he published dozens of articles and book chapters, he is a frequent keynote speaker at international conferences, an inventor of patents in plant genomics and genome editing, an ERC fellow and a recipient of the Landau Prize 2016 in Plant Sciences. He serves as the Head of the Scientific Advisory Board of Evogene, Inc. and as a consultant to Protalix Biotherapeutics ltd.